The number of paving slabs is what needs to be calculated before laying it, that’s why people ask themselves “how many slabs do I need”. But exactly how much to buy and how to make calculations? We believe that this task should be solved by an experienced specialist who knows that tiles need to be taken a little more than they should. In order to correctly calculate the required amount of paving slabs, the master needs:

  • go to the desired object;
  • take measurements of the desired area;
  • calculate the number of tiles. Use slab calculator UK for this.
paving slabs close
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Laying paving slabs – how to calculate?

Despite the fact that you want to ennoble (it can be an entrance area, a house adjoining area, a blind area around a house or a bath, a garden / footpath), it is very important to make correct calculations of the required amount of material. For this, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • Section length/width;
  • The length / width of the tiles (each separately).
  • The number of tiles per 1 sq / m.

Here it is important for you to take into account 2 nuances. Firstly, depending on the dimensions, the length/width of the tiles, we advise you to make multiples. This is necessary in order to minimize cuts in the material.

paving slabs
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Secondly, in order to calculate the required number of tiles according to the drawing (by the way, this requires sufficient experience), you need to make a schematic drawing. This is done in order to understand what should be the result, how much material you need.

We advise you to always take a tile with a margin (about 5-10% of the tile on top), in order to avoid a situation where there are simply not enough tiles at the most necessary moment.