Many people believe that the planter performs an exclusively aesthetic function, taking on the role of a decorative flowerpot, inside which a technical container with a plant is hidden. However, the functionality of this interior element is much broader.

Advantages of outdoor planters for gardening

Unlike the classic pot, most outdoor planter pots do not have holes for drainage. Its key purpose is to hide the technical landing capacity. However, this in many ways simplifies the care of a living plant, and gives an artificial one even more realism and naturalness.

planter from rock
Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

Why do you need a planter, except as a backyard decoration?

  • Due to the absence of drainage holes, puddles and dirt will not appear under the plant. The backyard will look neater and more well-groomed.
  • It is much easier to replace a planter (or a plant in it) than to transplant a plant into another outdoor pots. Plus – most models can be supplemented with an automatic watering system, which allows you to take care of flowers even in your absence.
  • Designer planters enliven the exterior and unite all the plants on the site in a single style. They can act as the main accents, zone the space or simply serve as a container for planting flowers.
  • A variety of shapes, sizes and shades allows you to solve various design tasks on the street.

How to use planters?

There are a lot of options. It all depends on your willingness to take care of a living plant or vice versa – the desire to green the backyard without extra effort with the help of artificial floristry. Before using the planters, it is recommended to solve this issue, since the choice of a flowerpot will largely depend on this.

black outdoor planter
Photo by Sophie Kaaij on Unsplash

You can plant plants in the pot itself, without a technical container. To do this, you need to lay a thick plastic film inside the pot, fill it with 1/3 expanded clay or other drainage, cover the drainage layer with geotextile and fill the rest with soil.

And you can use planters for the decoration of artificial plants. This way they will look as realistic as possible and will not give away their non-natural origin in any way.