Fake grass for landscape makeovers is perfect for conception of your site. It is both a bright accent and relaxant.

Care activities related to artificial grass do not take more time than for ordinary decor. You can put artificial turf on any surface.

cats on the fake grass
Photo by Leonid Privalov on Unsplash

Therefore, use artificial grass for landscape transformations. Learn below, how you can apply it.

  • Artificial grass for pool surrounds, gazebos looks nice. You can combine it with natural flowers.
  • Fake grass for outdoor exercise areas and outdoor gyms
    can be in use for 24 hours a day, unlike a natural grass: it is recommended to play no more than 120 minutes a day.
  • Fruits and vegetables lying on artificial grass for trade show boots will attract customers, and look fresh, as if they had just been plucked from the orchard.
  • The exterior or interior of an office, home, store with artificial grass for green walls
    will look stylish and original. Artificial grass for vertical gardens is perfect for a rest-room.
  • Artificial grass for rooftop terraces, lounges, patios will cheer up both those who rest there and those who care about their cleanliness. The colorful decor will delight with pleasant associations with spring, the awakening of nature and freshness.
  • Artificial grass for commercial shoots will be a win-win entourage in decorating locations for a spring or summer photo shoot. There is also artificial grass for television shows, stage performances and outdoor concerts.
  • Attract everyone’s attention at an exhibition or event with artificial grass for event flooring.
  • Artificial grass for themed events is useful for organizers and event designers. Everyone will remember an on-site wedding!
fake grass
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Grass with different characteristics is produced for various purposes. Appearance, length of stems, stiffness, pile density, service life, options for filling the bottom layer may vary depending on the intended application.

Photo by Vicky Sim on Unsplash