Land molluscs are not carriers of diseases, they do not cause direct harm to humans. Theoretically, they can carry organic decay products, pathogenic bacteria.

The harm of slugs in the house lies in their craving for food – vegetables, fruits, root vegetables. Slugs cause significant damage inside house, in the basement and other outbuildings, where they damage winter supplies – potatoes, cabbage, apples, etc.

Where do slugs come from in the house?

Where do slugs come from in the house
Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

They are attracted by humidity, heat, the ability to find shelter and move freely. Often, along with the shelter, slugs find food when they settle near the kitchen, pantry, in the cellar.

In the bathroom, the toilet slugs also live well: it’s warm, dark, there is water – and there is an exit for a walk for lunch.

Methods of struggle

Methods of struggle
Image by Liza Trinidad from Pixabay

In open areas, drugs based on metaldehyde and copper sulphate are often used to fight slugs. In a residential building, apartment, cellar with supplies, this should not be done: the funds are toxic.

Slug remedies are divided into the following groups:

  • chemical agents – used in large-scale invasion for rapid destruction. Not always suitable for home use in the UK;
  • traps to collect;

Traps-barriers are used for basements. The action is based on the fact that not all surfaces are accessible to pests: their lower body is very vulnerable. The mollusc will not make its way along the cutting, piercing, sharp surface. To create barriers, expanded clay, brick crumbs, coarse sand, lime are used.

  • improvised means aimed at scaring away or leading to death are often very effective for fighting slugs in the house.

For example, ammonia. For slugs, this is death: its solution, when it gets on the creature’s body, corrodes tissues and kills. Surfaces are wiped with a solution of ammonia. Or coffee. Slugs avoid the taste and smell of coffee. Coffee grounds are used, scattered in habitats, watered and wiped surfaces.

Without resorting to chemicals, you can effectively get rid of slugs at home.

Photo by Alain Snel on Unsplash