You can forget about comfortable living in a house in the UK if household members are regularly bitten by blood-sucking parasites. Fleas not only cause painful sensations, but can also cause infection.

It is necessary to engage in disinsection immediately after the first signs of the appearance of insects. At an early stage and as a preventive measure, folk remedies are suitable. If their use turned out to be ineffective, it is worth using purchased drugs.

Means of struggle

Means of struggle
Photo by Nino Maghradze on Unsplash

Given the risk that insects pose to humans and their excessive fecundity, it is worth immediately using an effective flea remedy, choosing an option depending on the situation.

  • Medicine for the animal

If you have a pet, then you should apply a flea medication to its fur. Subsequently, remove them from the wool themselves with tweezers.

  • Wormwood

A perennial plant with a specific smell, which is often used as an insecticide against harmful insects. Wormwood repels parasites, while it is environmentally safe.

  • Insecticide

A universal insecticide in the form of an aerosol that will help fast removal adult parasites and their larvae from the house. Thanks to the flexible nozzle on the sprayer, it is possible to eliminate parasites even in places where it is difficult to reach.

Further actions

Further actions
Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

After you have treated the room with various insecticides, you need to get rid of fleas once and forever. It is necessary to carry out general cleaning in the apartment.

  • Vacuum all the carpets in the house to collect adult fleas and their eggs;
  • Steam carpets and all woven surfaces in the house: sofas, armchairs;
  • Wash pillows, bedspreads, curtains, toys, pet bed in the washing machine;
  • Wash your pet with flea shampoo.

Thus, there will be no trace left after the fleas.

Photo by Flüm France on Unsplash