Flies are also carriers of dangerous diseases, in addition, they cause irritation and a lot of inconvenience to the UK inhabitants of the house. This means that sooner or later the time comes to look for ways to quickly get rid of flies in the house and in the country.


Flies do not tolerate strong odors. They have a very delicate and well-developed sense of smell. You can pick up pleasant smells and at the same time scents repelling flies:

Essential oils
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  • Essential oils with a pungent odor (mint, citrus fruits, laurel, eucalyptus, cloves, lavender, peppermint, etc.) are widely used. Most often, an aroma lamp is used with their application. The smell diffuses fast throughout the room, covering even the most inaccessible corners and evicting these annoying guests. You can also lubricate window and door frames with these oils.
  • Clove like its essential oil, has a strong odor. Therefore, it is enough just to pour it into a small container and leave it on the table.
  • The effect of the clove is enhanced by the lemon. Therefore, you can stick a few cloves in half a lemon, and such an impromptu flavor will protect the room from insects.
half a lemon
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Velcro traps

A very popular Velcro tape can easily be made independently from improvised materials. For its base, you need thick paper that does not get wet. Strips of the required size are cut out of it, covered with a sticky composition and hung in places where insects accumulate.

Electric shock trap

Another method of fighting flies, based on attracting insects to a light source. The light bulb is wrapped with aluminum wire connected to a source of electricity. Thus, the flies fly into the light and, falling into the zone of action of the electric current, die.

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