Benches with a storage box have become a necessary attribute in any room of a residential building.

Benches in the hallway

A storage bench in the hallway is a fairly universal thing. It will come in handy when putting on shoes. At the same time, such furniture is quite roomy to hide unnecessary things. In addition, it is convenient to place an umbrella or a heavy bag on the bench. And most importantly, according to the happy owners of this type of furniture, slippers stop looking for the “fifth corner”.

storage bench in the living room
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Bench for the living room

For the living room, it is more convenient to use a bench with a pull-out drawer. According to reviews, the side stand is very convenient to use as a stand. A cup of coffee, favorite book, newspaper or telephone is perfectly placed here. And the box solves the problem of many living rooms. All small items that often spoil the appearance of the room that are necessary for use can be hidden there.

Addition in the bedroom

Beds play a dominant role in the bedroom. A bench for the bedroom with storage from VASAGLE will be the finishing touch. It can serve as a bedside table, chair and even hanger. In addition, it will become a “lifesaver” in small apartments. If there is no space for a closet, you need to purchase a spacious bench with space to store bedding. It can even replace a small sofa. A small bench takes up very little space, but is very functional. The soft seat encourages relaxation, and the drawers can accommodate a lot of necessary things.

storage cabinet
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Kitchen Benches

A bench with storage box for the kitchen can create a cozy place for eating and saves space. There is no need to purchase extra cabinets, because there is plenty of space inside for kitchen utensils.

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