You measured the humidity level at home, and it turned out to be higher than normal. The reason was revealed. Further, it is recommended not only to eliminate the spots of dampness and weather mold, but to carry out systemouldmatic work. To do this, you will need proven ways to get rid of humidity in house in the UK.

Eliminate all sources of moisture

Eliminate all sources of moisture
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For this:

  • Check all tubes, plumbing in the house for leaks. Eliminate them if necessary.
  • Do not leave damp clothes at home.
  • Think about the possibility of getting rid of the aquarium, if you have one, and reducing the number of indoor plants.
  • Make sure that the installed windows and slopes are tight. 

Think about proper insulation

Too thin wall, poorly sealed seams and the lack of good insulation will only exacerbate the problem of rising dampness. Add here poor heating and seasonal fluctuations in temperature and dampness cannot be avoided.

If the insulation is performed incorrectly, there is an empty gap between the wall and the insulation layer, it is in this gap that moisture will form.

Provide induced ventilation of the room

Provide induced ventilation of the room
Image by MH Rhee from Pixabay

Ventilation may be clogged, blocked by household appliances, furniture or finishing materials. It just can’t cope with the outgoing flow of moist air.

To eliminate poor ventilation:

  • Check the existing system for traction. Regularly clean the hoods from dirt. The ventilation shaft may also be clogged, then clean it.
  • Be sure to turn on the kitchen hood during cooking.
  • Install a check valve on each vent. It can be purchased separately and complete with a fan and grille.
  • Install duct fans in the duct entrances in the bathroom and kitchen. The devices operate from the mains and provide induced ventilation.

A conventional fan will also help to maintain the circulation of wet and dry air and reduce the accumulation of condensate.

The simplest and effective way to combat dampness is regular ventilation. Try to keep the window at least in micro-ventilation mode. You will naturally provide air ventilation and create an environment unfavourable for the formation of excessive dampness and the development of mould.

Try to solve the problem of dampness before it begins to affect the health of you beloved ones. It is necessary to identify the cause, create good ventilation, regularly ventilate and drain the rooms.

Image by Kaffeebart from Pixabay