Pallet furniture is a real interior trend in the UK, and not only because it looks stylish, but also because it is easy to make it yourself.

To make furniture from pallets, it is necessary to sand the surface, adjust the design to the desired size and fasten the parts with a screwdriver. The finished item must be covered with paint or varnish. If the furniture is used outdoors, it is worth pre-treating the surface with a protective compound for wooden surfaces so that the material does not rot and deteriorate. The costs will be minimal.

So, you can make a variety of furniture from pallets. For example, erect a pallet decking, which is like a terrace. Moreover, find below other types of things you can create from pallets.


Image by Esteban Martinez from Pixabay

The basis for a country table can be made from one or two pallets placed on top of each other. The table will turn out to be low, like a coffee table, and is ideal for arranging a recreation area in the country. It can also be equipped with wheels — then the piece of furniture will be convenient to move around the terrace and even the plot.

Make a full-fledged high table. One pallet plays the role of a tabletop and is laid parallel to the ground, the others perform the function of legs and are fixed perpendicular.


Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

There are a lot of variations of pallet seating furniture. You can build a pallet sofa, and chairs, and armchairs, and a pallet bench … the simplest option is a stool. Don’t forget to equip it with a pillow to make it comfortable to sit.

Another simple design option is L-shaped seats. Pallets are placed on top of each other, and then the three structures are fastened together and painted in bright colors.

You can also make more complex models with backs. Moreover, the back can be both flat and with a slight slope. Do not forget about pillows for comfort.

Bar counter

Do you dream of a summer bar where you can have parties? It can be made from the same pallets! They need to be placed perpendicular to the ground, wooden boards can be used as a countertop. Do not forget to complement the bar with stools or chairs in the same style — and a wonderful summer mood will be provided.

Image by ML Santander from Pixabay