Do you think about rewiring the house? Currently, electricity in England costs tremendous money in the framework of hard savings, so this process will cost you huge amounts. You can do it for free, which will take a lot of effort and time, or you can get reinforced electricity in another budget way. We are used to getting electric energy from external sources – mainly from city networks. When it comes to alternative sources, the first thing they remember is, of course, solar panels and wind generators. But today we want to talk about more interesting sources from which you can extract electricity at home.

electricity from a heating battery
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How to get electricity from a heating battery

In order to get free electricity from heating radiators, we need additional equipment in the form of a Peltier thermoelectric element. The Peltier element consists of two ceramic plates, between which a large number of semiconductors in the form of thermocouples are enclosed.

The principle

The principle of operation is based on the occurrence of a temperature difference when an electric current flows. Typically, such devices are used to create mobile refrigeration units, but the opposite effect can also be achieved. It is enough to change the polarity of the element connection, and the cooling effect will change to heating.

Electricity for a LED lamp

Electricity for a LED lamp
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If, on the one hand, heat is supplied to this element, and on the other hand, on the contrary, it is cooled, then due to the creation of a temperature difference on its surfaces, it is possible to remove electricity from it, which is quite enough, for example, to operate a LED lamp.

You will need some things

To fix the structure on the heating pipe, you can use an aluminum corner. And to increase the contact density, the resulting gaps can be sealed with aluminum foil.

You will also need a voltage converter that increases the 0.5 V voltage created by the Peltier element to 3-5 V, which is necessary for the operation of the LED lamp.

Important points

On the one hand, we heat the Peltier element with heat from the heating radiator, and on the other hand, we cool it with ambient air. To increase the cooling surface area, you can use a regular heatsink from an old computer. The larger its area, the better.

Such a device can be useful as free emergency lighting.

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