Earwigs are omnivorous insects, predators and scavengers (they attack small insects and do not disdain their remains). Naturally, they lead an active lifestyle at night and at dusk, during the day they usually hide in damp and dark corners. Due to their omnivorous nature, earwigs harm garden and agricultural crops.

Methods of dealing with earwigs can be divided into two types: using chemical exposure and UK folk remedies. They can be combined for best results.


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Inside an apartment or other premises, the fight against earwigs is not much different from the fight against other indoor insects. First of all, funds for the destruction of flies and cockroaches will help.

Ordinary fumigators with plates against flies and mosquitoes destroy earwigs in the same way.

Dichlorvos and similar insect sprays. It is better to start spraying from basements, from where earwigs crawl into the apartment.

Spray to remove stains or wash. Contact with him for earwigs is fatal.

Earwigs are nocturnal insects. Therefore, it is better to use volatile substances, such as sprays and aerosols, in the evening. Then the product will not lose its freshness until the appearance of earwigs.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies
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Smelly herbs. In the fight against earwigs, plants such as tansy, wormwood or mint will help. With a strong infusion or decoction of them, you need to irrigate the floors, baseboards and corners of the room. To enhance the effect, you can add shavings of laundry soap.

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