Rats are dangerous animals that reproduce very quickly. Therefore, you need to start to get rid of them right away. If there are a lot of rats on the site, it will be very difficult to remove them.

Simple rat traps for large rodents can be made with your own hands. There are several options for the creation of which only improvised means are used in the UK.

Simple rat traps
Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay


 To create a simple trap, place a piece of plywood on the edge of a plastic bucket. A bait is fixed on its edge. Catching the aroma of food, the rat goes to the edge of the plywood, and then falls into the bucket. You can increase the effectiveness of this trap by filling the container with water. You should fill a third, because rats can swim. Therefore, if the bucket is full, the animal can get out of it.

Cardboard and glue

 Making these traps is very easy. A sheet of cardboard must be greased with high-quality glue. In the center you need to place the bait. It will be able to attract several rats at once.

Plastic bottle

Plastic bottle
Image by janrye from Pixabay

This trap is quite effective. Use it on the street. To create a trap at the bottle, you need to cut off the bottom. The base must be buried in the ground. Running around the site, the rat will sooner or later fall into this bottle. It will not be able to get out due to the fact that the walls of the container are smooth.

Image by Evgeniya Litovchenko from Pixaba