Birds are very beautiful creatures with a variety of colors, often bright plumage. Birds are very interesting to watch. This activity has a calming effect on the psyche and allows you to instill a love of nature in children.

If you think about it, then a variety of birds attracted to the garden can decorate it no worse than a good landscape design.

In addition, attracting birds to the garden is the simplest, most economical, safe and quite effective way to control pests.

Ways to attract birds to the garden

Ways to attract birds to the garden
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay
  1. Installation of bird feeders in the garden;
  2. Installation of artificial nests on the site;
  3. Planting plants that provide birds with food and/or create conditions for nesting;
  4. The device on the site of reservoirs or the installation of drinking bowls and baths for birds.

Attracting birds to the garden with the help of feeders

help of feeders
Image by Frauke Riether from Pixabay

In winter, many birds experience an acute lack of nutrition. If at this time you place bird feeders in the garden and regularly replenish them with suitable feeds, then the birds will get used to the feeding place and in the spring, they will look for a place to nest on your site.

Attracting birds to the garden with the help of bird houses

The most effective way to attract birds to the garden is to install bird houses on the site. In such houses in the spring, many birds arrange nests for breeding chicks, that is, they settle in your garden for a long time. In the cold season in the UK, artificial nesting sites can be used by non-migratory birds as shelters and places to spend the night.

Attracting birds to the garden with the help of plants

Plants play a huge role in attracting birds to the garden. They can provide birds with additional food (berries, nuts), give birds shelter and a place to nest, and serve as a shelter in case of danger.

Attracting birds to the garden is not only possible, but also necessary, and not only for admiring these creatures, but also for pest control.

Image by Oldiefan from Pixabay